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06 July 2011 @ 01:28 pm

Seneschal Bran
Miscellaneous Grey Wardens
Chantry Sisters/Brothers
The new Knight-Commander who works alongside Cullen
Various castmembers I may have forgotten to mention because I have a brain like a sieve.

These characters are dead in this game
Viscount Dumar
Justice (in Anders)
Any Major Character deaths that were necessary to the Plot in the game.
06 June 2023 @ 01:02 pm

If you have a character you want to put forward to play, contact either Mara at Garrett's Tumblr, Jess at Fenris's Tumblr or post your app in the character application post, which is uh. Here. Right here. Where you're staring at. Yes, here.
06 July 2024 @ 12:44 am

Defeated by a young Dalish Mage and a fledgeling King, the Darkspawn slunk back to whence they came, for a time. Her companions scattered and her best friend ruling with the widow of his dead brother, Darkspawn massing in Aramanthine seemed a more pressing problem for the last and greatest of the Grey Wardens.

Meanwhile, Kirkwall was in dire peril. With Meredith and Orsino dead, a new Knight-Commander from Starkhaven and a dead Viscount, it teetered on the edge of ruin.

For a time.

The amazing thing about people is they manage to pull themselves together if given a little guidance. Garrett Hawke, just the man to direct things into their proper place, stepped up to the challenge. Doing what he always had, he took charge in the most gentle way possible, standing off to the side and intervening with the more pressing of problems, fighting off dragons and slavers and the occasional amorous advances of young noblewomen. His brother a Templar and his sister an Apostate in hiding, he spends his time developing not only his own magical repertoire; managing the minefield that is his personal life becomes more and more of a challenge every day. His friends, his companions, his loved ones all have problems of their own, and a recovering city is not always the best place to air grievances and cover old wounds.

Personal demons, as all will discover, have the greatest potential to destroy.